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What is Nata De Coco?

Nata de coco is a chewy, translucent, jelly-like foodstuff that originated from the Philippines. It is most commonly sweetened as a healthy dessert, and can accompany many things including pickles, drinks, ice cream, puddings, and fruit mixes.

Process of Producing

Nata De Coco


Step 1

Peel of coconut to get the fresh coconut water.


Step 2

Shave the coconut to get coconut shred.


Step 3

Squeeze the coconut shred to obtain fresh coconut milk to produce the Nata de Coco.


Step 4

Mix the coconut milk, coconut water, sugar, vinegar and water well together.


Step 5

Our R&D team will cultivate Acetobacter Xylinum, a kind of beneficial bacterial to human, and look for a suitable sample for our Nata de Coco.


Step 6

After seven days of fermentation process under controlled temperature, the Nata will grow healthily.


Step 7

The nata de coco will be harvested after reaching certain thicknesses.


Step 8

The nata de coco slab will be cut into required sizes accordingly.

Benefits of

Nata De Coco

Benefits #1

Nata De Coco is chewy, translucent, looks like jelly and it is made from the coconut milk as a main ingredient.

Benefits #2

The production of Nata De Coco will go through several processes such as cooking, fermentation and cutting until it becomes a cube shape.

Benefits #3

Nata De Coco is usually served on various menus such as desserts, drinks, ice cream, mixed fruits and many more.

Benefits #4

Nata de Coco is high in fiber which can ease constipation and boost digestion.

Benefits #5

Nata de Coco contains zero percent of cholesterol and trans-fat.

Benefits #6

Nata de Coco slab can serve as medical devices to treat burnt wounds and skins. It contains fiber and able to absorb medicine to replace traditional plaster.

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